Military Divorce

Military Divorce

Military Divorces are a bit more complicated.

Divorces are complex on their own. However, when one or both spouses are serving in the military, it can make things a bit more complicated.  

Military benefits including health benefits, moving costs, housing and more, will be affected by divorce. In addition, your finances and custody of your children will all have to be settled as your marriage ends. The military has legal and financial consultants to help navigate the process.

State law and local procedures largely govern divorce, but there are a few federal statutes and military regulations that may apply. Peacemaker Mediation Group understands the ins and outs of military divorces. 

Military divorces are often handled differently because…

  • They are subject to federal rules that require different paperwork and agreements.
  • The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) protects these marriages and civil unions.
  • There’s a lot more detail that goes into splitting your assets and creating plans.

If you’re going through a military divorce, you need a well-versed mediator to walk you through the military divorce process. When you hire us, you can trust that we’re looking out for both parties. Contact us today for more information. Our mediator can help you handle all the necessary paperwork to resolve matters effectively. We’re available for services in St. Augustine and throughout

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