The Benefits of Mediation.

Does mediation provide adequate legal assistance for most divorces?

Compare Benefits of an Uncontested vs. a Contested Divorce:


      What will it take?             

An Agreement between you and your 

spouse that you want a divorce. 

How long will it take?  

Approximately 4 to 6 weeks from start to finish.

What will it cost? 

 One flat fee & filing fee. 

Want to know exactly how much?


What will it take? 

  1. Lawyers
  2. Evidence
  3. Hearings/Trial
  4. A judge to decide 

  How long will it take? 

Depends on: Calendar of judges and lawyers and  your ability to pay legal fees and costs. One to two years at the very least.

What will it cost? 

Usually a high initial retainer, along with hourly fees, filing fees and other court/legal costs related to litigation. 

Don't need Mediation?

If you and your spouse have come to terms we can ensure your decisions are placed on correct forms and filed in the appropriate manner. 

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Need assistance with a contested or uncontested divorce in Saint Augustine? We navigate through all of your issues utilizing mediation ensuring all Court requirements are met. We also offer assistance with contested and uncontested divorce in Palm Coast and can help you with child custody, alimony and distribution of debts and assets. We are your affordable divorce experts serving all of Northeast Florida. Need help with a contested or uncontested divorce in Jacksonville? We're here for you. 

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Does your Mediator offer flat fees? Or simply charge an hourly rate?

Flat fees that include a few hours of mediation ensures that you truly pay an upfront cost that is inclusive as opposed to running up a bill as the Mediator mediates and also charges to complete your paperwork.

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Your Family Law Mediator should be solely dedicated to Family Law.

A Mediator who practices in multiple areas may not possess the specific expertise you may need - Family Law requires very specific knowledge.

About Us

making the decision to divorce is difficult

"Get on with the Rest of your Life."

Your time is precious. Our services expedite the divorce process. Remember, the more you litigate the more time you will spend in the court system and the more your attorney earns in fees. Many attorneys who solely advocate for men's or women's "rights" are preparing you for battle, not negotiation. It benefits an attorney to keep you in the court system: more time, more money. If you are really ready to move forward, mediate your divorce. 

the intricacies of family law can be confusing

ALL contested Divorces MUST go through Mediation.

Why not try us first? We prepare and file your documents.

family law has become a separate practice requiring expertise

We can Help.

The divorce process is difficult at best. We want to get you through it without having to deal with spending all of your time in the court system or on the phone with a lawyer. We're here to guide you through this difficult situation without stripping you of your savings.

Consider the Education and Background of your potential Mediator.

Is your Mediator an Attorney who simply switches hats in order to mediate? What type of degree does your Mediator possess? How many Family Law cases have they mediated?


Currently, the Clerk of the Court charges a $408 fee for filing dissolution of marriage in Florida, which you are responsible for. We file your documents for you so you do not have to deal with that process. Filing service in counties contiguous to St Johns County is included in our fees.

Peacemaker Mediation Group, LLC

100 Island Cottage Way, Saint Augustine, Florida 32080

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We offer weekend appointments at no extra charge.

When Choosing a Mediator:

It's very important to choose a Mediator who is not affiliated with either Party's Attorney, if Attorneys are involved. 

What we do & Who we are.

alternative to courtroom litigation

What we do:

Peacemaker Mediation is an alternative to courtroom litigation and is here to assist you in your Family Law issue; whether it's a dissolution of marriage, child custody issues or modifications of prior Orders - we can help. If you and your spouse or ex-spouse can agree that it is the two of you that are the most appropriate persons to make the decisions that will affect the rest of your lives, the hard part is done. Property, child support, parenting, alimony and debt issues can be resolved. Peacemaker Mediation negotiates your divorce settlement agreement or any other Family Law issue; your Agreement is written up, reviewed and approved by you. We file your paperwork for you. We're here with you every step of the way, offering you help with your divorce - and we're located right here in St. Augustine. We serve all counties in Florida - we come to you.

*Just need your paperwork completed, we do that too.

What Family Law Issues does Peacemaker Mediation deal with?

Looking for information on how to file for divorce in Florida? We guide you through the divorce process as well as ANY Family Law issue, ensuring all relevant topics are covered and all appropriate forms are filed. We provide help with divorce forms & provide you with professional legal services whether you need mediation to resolve your issues or simply need your wishes put properly on Florida Family Court Forms. Let us assist you with your St Johns County divorce in Saint Augustine.

*Need a parenting course or information on children of divorce classes? We can help you with that too.

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Who we are:

Joni Mathis, Owner of Peacemaker Mediation, is a Florida Family Court Mediator. She was certified by the Florida Supreme Court in 2010; she has over 30 years experience in the Florida legal system. She has mediated hundreds of cases throughout the State of Florida. Joni is an experienced family mediator, mediating pro se clients (those who choose not to utilize attorneys) as well as mediates for several local family attorneys whose clients choose to mediate. She has mediated pre-suit as well as post-judgment divorce issues such as re-location and amended child support. 

We serve all of Northeast Florida

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