Divorce Trends in Florida

By: Joni Mathis May 16, 2024 5:53 am

Divorce Trends in Florida

Florida is not only famous for its beautiful beaches and landscapes, we have another claim to fame, our divorce rate. Florida divorce rates (3.6 per 1000 residents) put the Sunshine State high on the national top-ten list; we rank sixth in the nation (2024). Approximately 40 to 50 percent of all Florida marriages end in divorce, and the rate is even higher in second (65%) and third matrimonies (60%). Top influencers in the high divorce rates are modern communication technology (Facebook, Snapchat etc.), you can connect with your ex or prospective new partner in seconds. Financial issues and changing social norms also lend to the high rate of divorce.

According to the Florida Department of Health, about 40-50% of married Florida couples terminate their relationship in divorce. The average length of the first marriage in Florida is 20.4 years. The 2010-2019 research (by the American Community Survey) shows a growing trend of Florida gray divorces. The divorce rates for couples older than 50 have doubled in the past 30 years. Around 65% of them come out from their second marriage. Divorce statistics do not look encouraging among younger couples, either. The available data reveals that about 11% of couples in their thirties file for divorce in Florida.

There is also a disparity in the percentage of divorced men and women in Florida. For example, in any given year, men typically have a lower divorce rate than women. Women initiate more divorces than men – around 69%, and for a few reasons. However, men get married more often than women in Florida. A Florida couples therapist Gilza Fort-Martinez believes that women have a higher emotional intelligence level and often feel unsupported in marriage. They are also more perceptive and, thus, are the first to notice red flags in relationships. Fort-Martinez notes that women shoulder more responsibilities in marriage than men, who usually benefit from marriage. Instead, women often feel overwhelmed by child-rearing and housework on top of their full-time jobs, making the idea of a single life more appealing.

All that being said, you don’t have to part enemies and I think that is a positive changing social norm. You can part assets and debt in an equitable manner, co-parent effectively and move forward with your life. Peacemaker Mediation can assist you with this endeavor. Divorce mediation is a healthier and more attractive financial option – if you are considering divorce mediation, consider us. It doesn’t have to be a terrible event, it can be a rebirth.

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