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Divorce Mediator, Joni A Mathis

Our Divorce Mediator Approach

Looking for a professional, experienced divorce mediator that is client focused. Peacemaker Mediation Group provides just that. For example, we return all calls and inquiries. We know this is a difficult time. Our success is measured by putting you at ease. Know you are in reliable, professional hands.

We meet with you in our comfortable, private office (or via Zoom) and take time to listen to how you would like to move forward with your life. Additionally, we produce ALL of your family law documents as well as file them with the Court.

There is no retainer fee. Our flat fees are upfront. There is no pressure, just a genuine regard for your satisfaction with your tailored Agreement.

Our Story

After retiring from a long career in a legal setting, I realized there were very few options for persons seeking a divorce mediator that offered affordable, professional services. Attorneys may offer mediation services, however you will likely pay for a second attorney serving as a mediator at a lawyer’s rate of pay. After working under family law attorneys, I decided I could offer the same service without the need of an attorney. As a result, I became a certified family law mediator. I provide my home state with divorce mediation and document preparation services. Inherently mediation (rather than litigation) is less stressful and can actually leave a family emotionally and financially intact.

We are proud to be non-lawyers.

Rollins College; Master of Liberal Arts
Duke University; Family Law Paralegal, Specialist
Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator, 2010
Owner, Peacemaker Mediation Group, LLC

About Us
About Us
About Us
About Us

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