Divorce Mediation

Equitable distribution.

Divorce Mediators are Skilled at Family Law.

Our firm deals solely in Family Law; it is our expertise. We guide each Party toward their own resolution through joint sessions of discussions and at times, conduct separate caucuses, honing toward an Agreement each Party is satisfied with. You must go to Mediation if your divorce is contested (not agreed upon) on every issue pertinent to your situation. The Court will not hear your case until you do. Let us be your divorce mediator in Saint Augustine.

Lawyers can be expensive.

Wondering if you need a Divorce Attorney?

Attorneys serve an important purpose should you feel you are not clear on all aspects of your assets and liabilities.  If you hire an attorney, your finances will cover the cost of two lawyers and a mediator to attempt to hash things out. Usually each Party is hopeful to start anew with a financially sound foundation; this becomes extremely difficult when divorces are dragged out. 

Negotiate an Agreement each Party is satisfied with.

How does Divorce Mediation Work?

What is Divorce Mediation? Disputing parties work with a neutral third party, the mediator, to resolve their disputes. The mediator facilitates the resolution of the parties' disputes by supervising the exchange of information and the bargaining process. The mediator helps the parties find common ground and deal with unrealistic expectations. She may also offer creative solutions and will draft your Final Settlement Agreement. The role of the mediator is to interpret concerns, frame issues, and define the problems. 

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