A face-to-face meeting with a professional family law mediator. Up to one hour:


Divorce/Family Law Mediation

Our packages include 3 hours of mediation. Hourly mediation rate:


Completion of Paperwork w/o Mediation

If the two of you have come to an agreement on all issues and simply need your decisions placed on the correct forms:

$1175 - $1675

Simplified Dissolution of Marriage


Dissolution of Marriage w/o children


Dissolution of Marriage w/children


ALL contested divorces MUST go through Mediation:

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We prepare and file ALL of your documents.


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How long does it take?

On average, an uncontested divorce takes approximately 4-6 weeks to come to Final Judgment once all paperwork is filed. A contested divorce can take up to a year or more depending on how many issues are at hand.

We offer appointments that are at your convenience to include weekends at no extra charge.



  • Alimony
  • Child Support
  • Time-sharing

Do you need adjustments to your life regarding these issues? We can assist you. Completion of Modification documents and filing: $1175

Quit Claim Deeds:

A Grantor (the person signing over their interest in the property) sometimes has a mortgage while filing a quitclaim deed. A quitclaim merely transfers ownership – not any debts or claims to the property. The new owner (or sole owner in a divorce, Grantee) will have the title of the property, but the original Grantor will still be liable for the outstanding mortgage.


Preparation and filing: $250

Qualified Domestic Relations Order:

Preparation and filing: $500