How to File your St Johns County Divorce.


confused on how to file for divorce in Florida

Filing for divorce on your own (pro se) should not be rocket science. But if you have ever reviewed the documents that must be filed and their cryptic instructions, certainly you would feel that way. 

I feel the system wants you to feel as though you must have an attorney - you do not need an attorney to file for divorce in St Johns County.

There are times when couples may need legal advice - your mediator will let you know this and refer you to a lawyer at that time.

Most couples are perfectly adequate for making their own life decisions. Mediators will guide you through the process and make sure all aspects of your particular situation are addressed.

We can file your St Johns County Divorce, let us help.

Things to do in order to file for divorce:

First, you must have resided in the State for at least 6 months. Once that is established there are several documents that must be filed with the Clerk of Court. Necessary paperwork can be retrieved online or at the clerk's office at the courthouse. Once completed, signed and notarized all required documents must be filed with the Clerk of Court in the county in which you reside.


Peacemaker Mediation Group is dedicated to a professional  and ethical  business standard. 

We will not overcharge you. We offer packages that are inclusive; offering mediation, document preparation and filing. You will be clear regarding your fee. 

Since 2010, it has been our goal to provide services that will not leave you destitute. Most attorneys cannot make that statement when offering divorce solutions. We are available days, evenings and weekends at no extra charge. We will not drag out your divorce process, that only contributes to the stress of the situation.  

Your mediator has to be a good fit. Call us, test us out.

Try us First.

If you and your spouse hire attorneys to handle filing documents for your divorce and you still don't come to an agreement, the Court mandates you go to mediation.

The plain fact is 50% of marriages fail.  According to a recent report by the Census Bureau, Florida holds the seventh-highest divorce rate in the nation. Roughly 50,000 couples file for divorce each year. More than 15 percent of the state's residents are divorced or separated. Of the 50 U.S. cities with the highest divorce rates, 11 are in Florida. 


With court fees and other considerations, filing for divorce in Florida cost taxpayers roughly $2 billion each year.

Yet it's the divorcees themselves who feel the costs most sharply. Retired individuals face special risks when their marriages end. They have to consider how to protect the assets they would like to pass on to their children and grandchildren, and often must devise a plan for splitting retirement accounts and pensions. 

Divorce attorneys have been viewed as crucial for those who want to protect their most prized holdings. However, your attorney, two of them in a divorce situation, may end up with a big chunk of your assets. 

This does not include the Petition itself and the several other documents that must be filed.

So yes, it can be a daunting task to navigate divorce on your own. We can offer as little or as much help as you require.