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Family Law
Family Law

Understand This Process Before You Begin

Divorce mediators work to guide you through the legal process of divorce. Peacemaker Mediation Group will help you navigate the process to keep things out of court. Our mediator offers family law services throughout the State of Florida, main office in St. Augustine, FL. Whether you’re considering the dissolution process with your partner or seeking financial support from them, you can turn to us for help.

If you want to speak with a family law mediator, get in touch with us today. We’ll be happy to set up your appointment.

Legal Guidance Can Make This Process Easier

If you try to move through a family law matter without assistance, you could end up spending more money and making decisions that aren’t in your best interests. You’ll want to reach out to our mediator if…

  • You’re ready to file for divorce.
  • You want to modify a child support agreement.
  • You’d like to change your custody arrangements.
  • You need to discuss QDRO splits.

Have questions? Our family law mediator can answer them. Call 904-290-3673 now to set up family law services in St. Augustine, FL.

Family Law
Family Law