Divorce Mediation

Save Money by Avoiding Court Fees

Save Money by Avoiding Court Fees

Discuss divorce mediation with our mediator in St. Augustine, FL

Going through a divorce can be costly, especially if you end up in front of a judge. Wouldn't you rather settle things outside of court and save yourself both the time and money? With help from Peacemaker Mediation Group, you can. We offer divorce mediation services throughout the State of Florida (home office in St. Augustine) to help you resolve matters quickly and effectively.

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There's a lot that goes into your divorce

Divorce is a complicated process. There's a lot to consider, and you have to take all the right steps to make the split fair and official. When you hire us for divorce mediation, we will...

  • Meet with you for a consultation to go over the details
  • Spend the time with you to mediate conversations, review Florida family law and come to agreements
  • Complete and file all the necessary paperwork to settle everything quickly

You'll walk away from our meeting with information about alimony, child support and asset division. Additionally, we handle Quit Claim Deeds and Qualified Domestic Relations Orders. Make an appointment with our mediator by calling 904-290-3673 now.