Peacemaker Mediation offers life coaching services.

Is Life Coaching right for me, my situation and more importantly what I want to accomplish?

We spend a lot of time talking with our clients before a dime is spent, we have to be sure our services are the right fit for you.

Our free consultation reveals how you want to see your life change. We propose a plan for that goal. Sessions include delving into the positive changes you want to see in your life and to begin a path toward that change utilizing our experience in the real world of relationships. We are available to meet in person or digitally. Remember if you discover along the way our method is not a good fit, you are not bound by a contract or retainer fees.

Counseling? Mentorship? Not quite - Life Coaching.

In our practice of family mediation we have seen and heard it all - what works but more often what doesn't work as it relates to families, spouses and partners.

Peacemaker Mediation offers personal life coaching solutions for your life and more particularly for your lifestyle. We guide you through a process, perhaps how you want to move on past your divorce or any personal issue you feel is stifling happiness in your life; together we design goals for how you want to see yourself in the future specifically as it pertains to relationships. You own the agenda and outcome - we see you through it. Contentment, as defined by you for your life, is our number one goal.

  • Life Coaching services (a one-on-one meeting in person or digitally) is $100 per hour, charged in quarter hour increments - $25 per 15 minutes.