What are my Options for an Affordable Divorce in St Johns County?

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Affordable Divorce in Saint Augustine

Affordable Mediation and Document Preparation.

We serve all of Florida. We provide help filing divorce and as well as mediation and/or document preparation for Contested and Uncontested Divorce: We handle ANY Family Law issue. How much does divorce cost?We have your affordable solution: Affordable Divorce in St Johns County.

We offer professional, stress free legal services.

Completed forms and filing fee is under $1500 in most uncontested divorces. Peacemaker Mediation puts you and your spouse, not your respective attorneys or the court system, in control of your future.

Dare to Compare.

Call a reputable family law attorney of your choosing to give you a estimate of how much time it will take to file your case for a contested or uncontested divorce as a comparison. I will outline the divorce process for you and give you a timeline of events as well as what you can expect from our services. We file your case within 48 hours of you signing your documents. Uncontested dissolutions will be finalized in approximately six weeks from the date of filing.

Mediation vs. Litigation.

Litigation is time-consuming and does not put you in control of the final agreement. Many throw time and money at attorneys in hopes that their side will prevail.  There is no other remedy to get through dissolution other than compromise, it is a process. ALL contested divorces go through mediation at some point and compromise is the benchmark of this process. 

Celebrating 10 years of serving Northeast Florida.

Peacemaker Mediation has been providing Family Law services to St Johns County residents for 10 years. ​We're here to help you move forward.

Our work is guaranteed.

We have established a systematic relationship with the local courthouse clerks. We know what must be filed to ensure a smooth process. We make sure every aspect of your agreement is covered and your paperwork filed in a timely manner.

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