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Benefits of Mediation

Our specialty is working with couples who choose professional, guaranteed services without the use of an attorney
We also deal with issues that concern parents who were never married and are now separating or are married but have not yet filed for divorce, but require a court order for relief.

Common questions are: How do I begin the process of divorce with my husband or wife? How do I file for divorce in Florida? Where do I obtain the documents necessary to file for divorce? Some couples only need guidance with their divorce documents, others have a few issues that need to be resolved. Whatever your situation, Peacemaker Mediation can help you through the divorce process.

If you have issues yet to be resolved - mediation puts you and your spouse in control of your settlement outcome. The two of you decide how parenting will be conducted, establish child support responsibilities, if applicable, determine the division of assets and debts, establish if alimony is appropriate for either spouse -Mediation will create a framework from which you begin your new life.

Our local firm's experience can guide you through this difficult time. Unlike many attorneys, we answer our phone and return our calls - usually the same day - we do not charge for asking questions or "phone time"; we're truly here to help you while not adding to your frustrations or your debt. 

Consider this: All contested divorce cases are ultimately referred to mediators whether attorneys are involved or not.

Additionally, mediation is much more cost effective than litigating a divorce (Please see "Pricing/What is Mediation?" for our affordable fees). It often can be completed in 2 sessions of a few hours and the cost is usually split between the parties as opposed to each side retaining an attorney for $2,000.00 and entering a long term agreement not to agree. More often than not, when spouses engage in the litigation process, a war-like mentality is set up. Adversarial positions rarely reap benefit to either side and can set a poor example to children, if children are involved. You both will always be the parents of your children, divorce does not dissolve that aspect of the relationship. It is in the best interest of your children that a healthy co-parenting plan is developed. Matters of discussion are much less stressful when resolving issues, not winning, is the mindset, mediation offers this opportunity to reduce conflict as well as set the path to your future and new life.

Mediation is conducted in a safe and respectful environment. The mediator ensures neither party feels bullied or pressured into an agreement. The mediator assists both parties in identifying interests and coming to an agreement that both parties are satisfied with. Mediation ensures confidentiality unlike court proceedings which become part of public record. See attached helpful hand-out for more information:

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